ENDIVA Software, Inc.
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      ENDIVA Software, Inc. (i.e., ENDIVA) is an Internet application software company offering a dynamic, interactive, and database-driven web-based information management platform to businesses, big and small, on-demand. Our application platform can enable anyone who wants to manage their digital asset or businesses effectively and economically online with ease.

Based in the Maryland-Greater Washington area, one of the global hubs of Internet and e-businesses, ENDIVA has been a pioneer in the implementation of web solutions for large corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since 1995. We have leveraged that experience to develop our “best of breed” web application into a complete and integrated platform. In year 2000, ENDIVA already became one of the earliest application service providers in the world. Today, in the software and business professional, the same business model - SaaS (Software as a Service) has just started to become a buzzword and projected to grow dramatically.



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