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What does "ENDIVA" mean?

      The word, ENDIVA, contains the prefix "en-" followed by the word "diva".  Separately, the prefix "en-" means "to cause to be", in other words, "to enable".  Originated in the late 19th centruy, the word, "diva", is derived via Italian from Latin,  "goddess," from the feminine of divus "divine".  As a noun, "divine" means "God, or wathever else is believed to be the underlying creative and sustaining force in the universe"; as a verb, "divine" means "to learn or discover something by intuition, inspiration, or other apparently supernatural means."  (Definitions taken from Microsoft Encarta Reference

     Put together, the word "ENDIVA" means "to enable to be the underlying creative sustaining force in the universe", which, in this case, would be the internet.   


     One high-speed, persistent (always-on) network of interconnected computers is no longer science fiction. A new paradigm shift from LAN and client/server distributed computing to WAN/Internet and web-based technology is happening.  Eventually, the world will be connected as one integrated broadband network and always on.  A professional web presence will be essential and critical for everyone. 

     We have envisioned this new parading shift since 1995 and have released its first generation on-line e-Business Management System in 1998.  We believe that a dynamic, interactive, and highly secured database driven website system is essential for every individual and business of any size. 

     ENDIVA is a Delaware-incorporated company.  It originated from CON-NET Communications Corporation ("CON-NET"), which was founded in 1995, focusing on delivering system solutions (integrating IT, telecom, and interactive media) to large and small companies on project basis.  Many of the projects involved using Internet technology as an interface or a core platform in a solution.  By 1999, the management of CON-NET conceived the opportunity of using its accumulated technology and customer know-how to develop a web-based business solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).  In 2000, ENDIVA was spun off from CON-NET and has been focusing on pursuing this business opportunity.

     Headquarted in Maryland-Greater Washington D.C. area in the United States, with branch offices in throughout Asia, ENDIVA is a ripe start-up company with proven-and-ready products, decent customer base, clear business model and strategy, fast developing distribution channels, and a committed and capable management team.  Its current focus - instant web solution - has been proven to be very welcomed by SMEs.  ENDIVA customers include both first-time web site owners and web site owners who replaced their existing site with ENDIVA powered web sites.  The company is also working with strategic partners to develop “vertical portals” – a brand new approach to build community in a vertical sector or among a company/organization’s network.

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