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Service Integrations

Endiva Software, Inc. is focused on forming partnerships with companies, organizations and services that share our vision and dedication to our prospect clients so we can provide exceptional value to our client base.  We can enable you to differentiate your business, expand and complement your product/service offerings, penetrate new markets and reach new clients never possible before.  Read below about some of the companies Endiva has selected to partner with or offer services from:

Technology Partners

As electronic technology has changed companies of every size and in every industry, e-commerce applications have become fundamental to business value and growth.  UPS's OnLine® Tools make it possible to add state-of-the-art shipping and logistics capabilities to one's e-commerce Web site or enterprise applications.

ENDIVA has integrated the UPS Rates & Service Tools.  This powerful UPS OnLine®Tool identifies all the available UPS domestic and international services and displays shipping rates based on a package's specifications.  This empowers online shoppers to compare price and select the shipping services that best fit their needs and budgets.

For additional information on UPS Tools, please visit ec.ups.com.


Authorize.Net offers secure, scalable solutions that enable merchants to process unlimited transactions in 130 currencies, from anywhere in the world.  ENDIVA Software's e-commerce applications are directly compatible with Authorize.Net's payment gateway.  Authorize.Net's global payment solutions ensure both speed and security when processing credit cards and checks online.

For more information on AuthorizeNet, please visit www.authorize.net. 

Credit Card Services

ENDIVA Software's e-commerce solutions are directly compatible with PayPal's on-line payment system.

With PayPal, you can start accepting on-line credit card payments instantly, without the need to establish their own merchant account and integrate complex transaction platforms into your site.

For additional information about PayPal's service, please visit www.paypal.com.


ENDIVA partners with Comodo to enable our customers to conduct secure communications and transactions over the Internet and private networks.

Comodo is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions - x.509 digital Certificate services, validation services, silicon security, crypto solutions and software security applications.

For additional information about Comodo, please visit www.comodogroup.com.


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