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Thursday, May 23, 2019 
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Contract Vehicles Contract Vehicles
Contract Vehicles
TABSS Domain 2 Track 2



The primary goal of this acquisition is to establish a Department-Wide IDIQ Multiple Award Contract vehicle for DHS to provide technical, acquisition, and business support services. The resulting multiple award contracts will be collectively referred to as TABSS (Technical, Acquisition and Business Support Services).

These contract provide DHS with the broad technical, acquisition, and business support services needed to assist with the cross-organizational mission of protecting the homeland, deterring crime, detecting and countering terrorism, and a myriad of other responsibilities.



TABSS (Domain 2)


Business Management, Financial Management, and Audit Support Services

The Business Management, Financial Management, and Audit Support Services domain shall support a wide range of Acquisition program-wide and project-specific inter-disciplinary financial practices, business oriented concepts, and audit related activities required to conform to internal DHS component policy, guidelines and procedures for expenditure planning, programming, execution, and reporting related to the program management office.

The support services to be provided under this domain include, but are not limited to, the following:

o Analytics / Web-based Reporting Support

o Budget Execution Support

o Budgeting and Programming Support

o Business and Financial Management Support, including Audit and Systems Support

o Business Case Development Support

o Business Intelligence Support

o Cost Estimating and Analysis Support

o Data Integration Support

o DHS Project Reporting Support

o Earned Value Management Support

o Financial Management, Execution, Validation, and Reporting Support

o Internal Controls Support

o Strategic, Operational, and Transactional Metric Development Support

o Studies and Analyses related to Business, Financial Management, and Audit Services, including Cost Benefit Analyses