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Sunday, September 22, 2019 
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Careers with SAM Careers with SAM

Careers with SAM Inc.


As SAM Inc. increases steadily with the addition of new contracts, our workforce grows continuously. New capabilities and customers require a constant addition of personnel and both administrative services and engineering service sectors.



We are seeking highly skilled individuals who are driven to succeed and have a winning attitude. We take all potential employee applications seriously and encourage you to submir your resume even if you do not find a specific position in our Current Job Openings section.

Our Current Job openings section shows a listing of available jobs and their requirements. Your application will be sent directly to our HR representative for immediate consideration.


Both undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities are available on a rotating basis. We offer the opportunity to prepare for a successful career in business administration services.



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We provide a wide variety of benefits to our employees. From health and dental, to a comprehensive 401(k), we feel that only through a continued concern for employee well-being can we excel in our business environment.


Our employees are our greatest asset. Before we decide if you are right for us, please view that values we hold to determine how you can interact and enhance our culture.