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Thursday, May 23, 2019 
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Careers with SAM Careers with SAM

Internships with SAM

SAM Inc. offers a range of internship opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. We offer positions in Business Development, Administration, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing.


All interns work in our administration office in College Park, MD. You will be exposed to upper level corporate activities that allow you to work hands on with government clients. You will gain an expert understanding of Government contracts and proposal writing, evaluation, and submittal. In addition we will work with you to develop a professional appearance and attitude that you can carry forward into whatever field you choose.


The most important characteristics we look for in future interns are the abilities to communicate effectively and clearly. The ability to present information in front of other business leaders is essential to developing our customers and clients. As a part of our team you will need to adapt quickly to the surrounding environment and to pick up projects and information without constant supervision.

How to

University of Maryland Students can access current internship positions through Maryland's online job recruitment site, Careers4Terps. Even if a specific position is not currently open we encourage you to submit your resume in case any positions become available in the future.