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Sunday, December 10, 2023 
Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc.

CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center


CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center (CCACC ADHC) is a community-based program design to meet the needs of functionally and/or cognitively impaired adults through an individual plan of care.  These structured comprehensive programs provides a variety of health, social and other related support services in a protective setting during the day.



Mission And Value


To enhance the quality and dignity of life for individuals who have disabilities or illness through a supportive and rehabilitative day program, which maximizes independence and therefore enables the individual to remain in his/her home environment.


1. The participant is always recognized and respected;

2. Human dignity must be preserved above all, while striving to help each participant to obtain his/her optimal state of living;

3. The needs of the participant must be fulfilled, whether those needs are for health care, social services, or emotional support; and

4. The participant's relationships with their family and community should be supported and maintained.







1. 承認及尊重參與者的個人人格。

2. 絕對尊重個人尊嚴,協助個人達到最大可能的自主生活

3. 提供全面性的服務,包括保健、社交及心理服務。

4. 協助及維持個人在家庭及社會中的重要連繫。


Services And Programs 服務與活動

  • Door-to-door transportation 提供完善的交通服務,每天專車到府接送。
  • Medical care administered by registered nurses(RN) and certified nursing assistants(CNA) 提供雙語專職註冊護士,按照參加者醫生的指示,給予細心的照料。
  • Nurtitious meals and snacks 提供營養豐富的早餐、點心及午餐。
  • Stimulating and therapeutic activities, exercises and rehabilitation 提供專為華人設計的各項教育、保健、復健、物理治療、益智及娛樂活動。
  • Friendly social environment 提供安全、舒適、有愛心的活動環境。
  • Personalized care and counseling 提供其他諮詢及特別服務。
  • Transportation to see doctors and prescription services 送診及配藥服務。

Participation Information 參加資格及報名資訊

CCACC ADHC is an approved Medicaid Service Provider by the State of Maryland.  If a medicaid receipient is medically certified, all fees will be covered by Medicaid.  Although ADHC is open to all participants, the Medicaid coverage is limited to residents of Maryland.  Other state residents may participate without Medicaid assistance.  Self-pay participants are also welcome.


Office Hours:Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Location (地點):9366 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Information and Registration:301-825-9576 ¨ 240-386-8298  ¨ 240-386-8274    Fax¨ 240-386-8357  Email: ADHC@CCACC-DC.ORG 

詢問及報名:301-825-9576 ¨ 240-386-8298  ¨ 240-386-8274  (國粵台滬英語傳真¨ 240-386-8357  電郵:ADHC@CCACC-DC.ORG  歡迎查詢。

Staff 工作人員

Center Director                                                          Edvin Chow    鄒秉雄

Consultant Director                                                    Ned Li            李 潮

Health Director (Registered Nurse)                            Grace Hsuan   宣恩慈

Activity Director/Admission Coordinator                    Anna Hu            胡景雲

Administrative Supervisor                                           Peter Chow       鄒展鵬

Social Worker  (Licensed Graduate Social Worker)   Kate Lu             陸惠興         

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